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Zombie Pirate Publishing was founded in a small Australian backyard in 2017 with an aim to creating opportunities for authors all around the world. In a very short time we have created a vibrant online community and released THE COLLAPSAR DIRECTIVERELATIONSHIP ADD VICE,  FULL METAL HORRORPHUKET TATTOO: Crazy Tales of Far Away Places, and WITCHES VS WIZARDS, five fantastic anthologies featuring more than one hundred short stories between them. Our next book, WORLD WAR FOUR: A Science Fiction Anthology, will be available March 1st.
Our next call for submissions is for FULL METAL HORROR 2: A Bloodstained Anthology. What we want most is compelling stories that break the rules.To support Zombie Pirate Publishing please visit our Patreon page and find out about our exciting reward tiers.

Seeking short stories and novellas

FULL METAL HORROR 2: A Bloodstained Anthology is now open for submissions. We're seeking horrific short stories 1,000 - 6,000 words long covered in blood and soaked in gore. Authors may submit two stories and we will pick our favourite. Submissions close March 15th 2019. Send your story to today.

FLASH FICTION ADDICTION is now open. We are seeking very short stories 100-750 words long. You may send a few different stories and we will choose our favourite. There is no close date. We will read and answer all submissions within a few weeks of receiving them. Once we have 101 accepted stories, subs will close and editing will begin, so get your stories in before it's too late. Please submit to the dedicated new email

ZPP is also seeking novellas 30,000 - 40,000 words on any theme or topic. (There is currently a backlog on novellas and detailed responses may take 6+ months.)


Head over to our Facebook authors group here to get all the news on upcoming releases and a two week headstart on all new calls for submissions. Help support Zombie Pirate Publishing by joining our Patreon page. We have behind the scenes videos, monthly short stories, and fun giveaways for all members. You can also purchase fantastic merch on our Shopify.

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