Submitting to Zombie Pirate Publishing is easy. Simply send a double spaced word document to with indents rather than tabs in 11/12pt Arial/Times New Roman. If you are unsure exactly what to do to set up your file correctly, download this document before you start writing. It is set up to be ready to go asap. Simply highlight the title, or author name or body of the document to replace with your own text. Google Docs is available here for those without Word. Simply copy the document and change the name, and then send the sharing link in the body of your email instead.

Zombie Pirate Publishing does not charge authors for submissions, although we do have a very reasonably priced editing service for before you submit.

At present we are not offering payment for short stories accepted into our anthologies. We are working to move towards offering first contributors copies, and then copies as well as a payment for each author in the near future. Novella publications will be paid a percentage of royalties on all sales.

We do not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions.

If we accept your work for entry to an anthology, Zombie Pirate Publishing requires the First Publishing Rights for three (3) months and then all rights revert to the author. ZPP holds the rights to novellas we publish for one (1) year.

Zombie Pirate Publishing works on accepted stories in Google Docs with all successful authors.

Basic guidelines

11 or 12 point Arial or Times New Roman.

Word Doc attached to email or Google Docs link in the body.

Indent paragraphs using the ruler, not the tab button.

Single spaces after full stops.

Double inverted commas for speech, single inverrted commma's otherwise (this includes quotations within speech (IE. "Tommy said, 'Go see Tina,' so here I am," said Frank.)

Double line spacing throughout document.

Scene breaks are three paragraph breaks (enter button) with the middle line having three centred stars.

No headers or footers or page numbers.

Title and Authors Name on the document only. Leave your email and address and phone number in the email.

British English Spelling (i.e colour, realise) If your submission is in American English we won't reject it on that basis, but it will be changed during the editing process if your submission is accepted for publication.

It is a good idea to read your submission out loud (to yourself is fine) before submitting. This will help you find small inconsistencies that reading won't pick up alone.